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Yoga Classes: General Information

What style of yoga is taught?

Rebecca teaches the Sivananda style of yoga. Sivananda  yoga embraces five  key principles for healthy living:

Lessons combine yoga postures (asanas),  breath control (pranayama), deep relaxation and meditation which all help to induce a balanced state in the student.

Will the class be suitable for my level of experience?

Adult classes are suitable for all levels of experience and aptitude. It does not matter whether you are an absolute beginner or more experienced student - we begin with a basic posture for all then variations are provided to accommodate those wishing to try more challenging variations. Self-pacing is actively encouraged in this non-competitive environment.

What if I have injuries or physical weaknesses?

At the start of each class students are asked if there any any injuries or conditions which the teacher should be aware of. Where postures are not suitable an alternative is provided to avoid causing any issues with your condition. The benefits of yoga can be felt as regular practice increases circulation and flexibility. Postures also help strengthen the muscles and build core strength in a gentle way.

Do I need to pay for a course or just one lesson at a time?

Lessons may be based on short courses which are paid in advance or are on a “drop-in” basis where it is pay-as-you-go. Discounts are available for courses. Some locations are in Gyms, Health Clubs or Institutes in which case you would have to join as a member to attend. See locations for further details.

Are there are class guidelines to follow?

Lessons are informal and the below is recommended:

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